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    Weihai HongLin Technology Group Co., Ltd.

    is specialized in providing the power cord assembly, signal cable assembly, and wireless signal module products for the fields of 3C, home appliances, distribution market and providing wiring harness assembly and special cable for automobile and naval vessel fields. Detailed

    Weihai HongLin Electronics Co., Ltd.

    power cord assembly, ship cable, electronic wire for home appliance, rubber cable, high voltage power distribution system product for electric automobile, polymer new materials research and development center Detailed

    Dezhou JinCheng Automotive Electronics Co., Ltd.

    Automotive wiring harness Detailed

    Changshu HongBo Telecommunication Technology Co., Ltd.

    smart antenna, module antenna, structural parts, FFC Detailed

    Chongqing HongXi Technology Co., Ltd.

    high-precision internal signal cable Detailed

    Taipei HongBo Wireless Communication Technology Co., Ltd.

    smart antenna R&D center Detailed
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